Tuesday, July 31, 2012

random thoughts

I loved Christmas in July. ice blocking, donuts, gift exchanges, and lots of Christmas music made my week.

Watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies with Katie and Jen was a blast. especially because Katie brought me cookie dough. and the fact that she locked herself in Jen's closet made the night hilarious.

I miss my family a lot and can't wait to see them in two weeks.

I also miss having a car to use.

I am so nervous for fall semester. mainly because I am moving to a new apartment complex and I am taking some crazy hard classes. I hope I make new friends and don't fail my classes!

randomly going to see Hunger Games with some people from my old ward on Monday was a blast! I had been wanting to go and when I found out they were and I was already down in Provo I was so happy! 

Some guests this week were baptized in the fish pond up here because they love Aspen Grove since they donated a lot of money to it. gross. and weird. also, their mom intimidates me because she pretty much threatened me that I had to make sure they won Aspen Follies, even though they were cheating on every game. that definitely did not help their case. 

working bedding standby is my favorite. we always have the most fun delivering linens to people, oddly enough.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

loving life. and being more daring.

let's just say that I am crazy. one of my goals this summer was to be more daring. and I am doing quite good. Last weekend, I somehow ended up doing the ropes course again, even though I pretty much hate it. slowly but surely I guess I am working on overcoming my fear of falling off of it.I even rappelled down this time! and it was fun!

This past week at Aspen Grove, we recreated the Hunger Games. At the reaping, I was chosen to represent district 7! On Sunday night, we all had interviews, preparing for the games and judging each other's strengths. The actual event went down on Monday night... plastic spoons, PVC pipe/foam swords, homemade spears, and nerf guns were all used in an epic battle to the death. Unfortunately for me, I was trapped by the Tracker Jackers (two of the manager's kids that could run around and tag us)  and was forced to miss out on most of the action. When I headed back to the field for the killing finale, I died quite quickly as everyone had two big weapons and all I had to defend myself was a measly spoon. it was great fun though!

My new game at frontier night this week was fishing for mousetraps. the kids use poles with weights on the ends and try to get the mousetraps to clamp on. It's quite a painful job for me because I have to keep setting them up and sometimes they just snap on your finger!

Last night, I went to my first rodeo! I loved all the country music and seeing people hold on and try not to get bucked off. I did not enjoy waiting forever in between these performances. especially when the stupid clown comedian came out. I didn't think he was that funny. After the rodeo, Arianne and I drove back to AG after another run to Walmart... it is so fun hanging out with her all the time! We have so much in common because we are in a very similar stage of life and it's so great that we get along so well and have so much to share and talk about! Hopefully even though we are both going to be soooo busy in the fall, we can still hang out because I will miss it! 

last but not least...here's a gem from this week. one of my girls singing opera in the bathroom. She was so hyper all week but we had a lot of fun!

It's crazy how fast and slow at the same time this summer is going by. I really want to be in California for my sister's wedding because I am sooooo excited for her and also to see my family (it's been awhile... at least for me!). At the same time, I NEVER want this summer to end. I am getting burnt out, but I love that there is not a lot of stress. Just play with kids all day and relax when I am done. Not to mention I am really starting to love hanging out with the people up here! I am trying to just enjoy it and love every minute because I am going to miss it so much in the fall!

and here's one of my favorite moments from the week. It was Harry Potter day, so naturally when they saw the broom, they all wanted to pretend to ride it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

great weekend

Though I am definitely missing one of my favorite groups of Cubs yet, I was still able to get out and have some fun this weekend.

I started off my 24 hour break with tubing down the Provo River. rain? check. thunder and lightning? check. being attacked by many trees? check. It was so fun and adventurous and laughable. definitely some much needed bonding time.

While traveling down the river in our tubes, I got the chance to talk to my roommate Ashley some more and get to know her. She is so fantastic and we just found out we are going to be in the same ward in the fall! I couldn't be more excited to have her in my ward!

After tubing, we hurried back to the grove to shower and get ready and then were headed back to Provo for a surprise party for one of the grovers. we waited for an hour and a half for him to get there, and everyone was starving! He was sure surprised when we all screamed happy birthday and we quickly said hi and then drove to Panda Express asap to fill our empty stomachs. Is it bad that I am proud of myself for getting the smallest thing possible and only spending six dollars? this budget thing is hard! the night ended with a Target run for necessities. I am proud of myself because I only spent four dollars there... I guess I am becoming a little bit good at not spending all my money like crazy!

loving that I have fun things lined up for the next two weekends as well... a rodeo, fishing, celebrating more birthdays, and who knows what else? beats sitting up here bored!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

why I am so happy right now

a thunderstorm
getting to hang out with my dad
Thai food
playing with the most fun little kids every week

birthday weekend with my awesome friend
 my cool new towel my mom bought me

seeing people from my old ward
we've been decepted
and... random presents from my cubs (so far this summer... I have gotten a mood ring, a candy bar,
 this bug, and some random pictures they drew. I love their sweet little gifts.)

be happy :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

BYU Bucket List

get on the police beat
watch a movie at the international cinema (Fall 2013)
host a progressive dinner
go to Park City
go to the Nickelcade (Fall 2012)
yes, we did ride the little kid carousel.

not sure what I am doing here.  
we were very focused on Golden Ax. pretty much the best game ever. 
go to the homecoming spectacular
light the Riverwoods
volunteer at the Bean museum
go to the luau
camp out for a basketball game
mocktails at Sparks
feed ducks at the duck pond
go to the Hogle Zoo
go to City Creek
eat dinner at the Cannon Center
moonlit ski ride at Sundance
roll down the hill by the library
go to Lagoon
go penny golfing in the SWKT:
go to at least one session of conference at the conference center (Winter 2013)

go on at least 2 camping trips
swim in the Great Salt Lake
go country dancing 
go to a corn maze to celebrate Halloween (Fall 2013)

yep, I'm the giant dancing corn in the middle.
study in the Tanner building
go to a planetarium show
tour an engineering lab (Fall 2012)
go on a last minute, spontaneous roadtrip
go to the unforum (Winter 2013)
go to a gymnastics meet
roast marshmallows on the bell tower
pull an all-nighter
baptisms at the Salt Lake temple
take at least 2 stac classes (2013)

I have a short year and a half to do a lot of fun things! I just hope I can fit it all in! 

Monday, July 2, 2012

I would love to be in Disneyland right now. riding Pirates of the Caribbean, California Screaming, or Space Mountain. people watching. eating monte cristos. watching the parade and fireworks. and soaking in the magic. Even though I am 21, I still love that place so much. I hope I get to go sometime this year!