Tuesday, June 25, 2013

thoughts about London

1. the perfume girls wear here is gross. I hate the smell. One girl sitting next to me on the tube had on so much and I almost suffocated.

2. I am starting to understand why going on a study abroad is so valuable. Even though I am in England and everyone still speaks English, I understand more what it is like to be the odd person out in a place you have never been. I don't know all the different amounts of money and how they add up. I don't really know how to get around. I don't know all the words that they use. I don't like some of the food here.

3. I think I am going to end up eating chocolate every day. so far I have had one candy bar a day and it is so delicious. I have also eaten out one meal every day (but cheap meals... less than 5 pounds)! I am a bit sad because I have not gotten anything from a single pastry shop, but I have seen some delicious looking sweets and I can't wait to eat them.

4. The parks are gorgeous. and way too big. I went on one of our required walks for class today and it took me an hour to get around half the park. but there was a big pond, and a restaurant, and a beautiful garden of flowers. I am sad that we don't have awesome huge parks like London in the United States (at least not where I live), but it's nice to not need to find a map to know where to get out of the park. oh, and I am still loving the weather and how green it is.

5. class starts tomorrow. that's not really a thought. the thought is... I am not ready to start taking classes! I have been trying to get all the reading done and I feel so behind! but I guess it's good because I am still getting in done and I am taking time to go out and enjoy London. I hope the classes don't get too demanding because there is so much that I want to do!

Monday, June 24, 2013

I'm in London? for real?

The best thing about London is that I just want to explore everywhere and see all the cool buildings. I love all the parks and how green they are. I loved seeing all the British people walk by our flat. I love that everyone walks around to get places. I love the big red buses. I love riding the tube. And my favourite part of all has to be the weather. It is excellent. I am all for 60 degree weather and it is so great to be escaping the hot part of the year here! (everyone thinks I am crazy because I have not yet worn a jacket). The part of London where we live is definitely confusing to get to, but I will learn my way around. More adventures will follow, I just wanted to document my initial thoughts. I had tons of fun wandering around the city yesterday, but I was so tired by about 3:00 that I was just ready for bed. Luckily, I managed to stay up until about 9:30. However, this made even the simplest tasks difficult… I really struggled grocery shopping and I don’t think much of what I bought will be helpful. Though the chocolate certainly is delicious! Can’t wait for day 2 of exploring and starting my homework! (yuck)