Saturday, October 26, 2013

a week in the life of a high school teacher

All these things have happened this week:

  •  student tried to give me his phone number and told me he loved me. 
  • a girl fainted during her test in second period because she did not eat anything after she gave blood. 
  • a girl cheated on her test by looking up the answers to multiple test questions on Google and I had to awkwardly talk to her after class. 
  • I had at least 10 students in my room after school on Friday afternoon all trying to ask me questions at the same time. 
  • One kid asked me to not mark him tardy because he was barely late and he couldn't make it up since it was the end of the term. I reluctantly agreed and then another kid in the room was there and asked me if I could do the same for him. I said no because his tardy was awhile ago. Whoops! Teacher mistakes... sometimes it is the only way to learn what not to do. and I make a lot of mistakes every day!