Monday, October 31, 2011


Thomas S. Monson is coming tomorrow for devotional. really short notice but I am stoked. I will be heading to the Marriott Center to wait for a good seat as soon as I am awake and dressed.

I really want to post about all the fun things I did during Halloween, but I have lots of big projects due soon and a test coming up, so who knows if that will ever happen.

Let's just say my costume was awesome and the Harry Potter party was the best part of my weekend.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Can I have yo numba?

I have found a new way to get boy's numbers.

actually, there's really no guarantee that it will work.

basically, it's called get rear-ended by attractive men. and then you get their phone number. plus, you know if they are a good person or not because if they stop to exchange information they obviously care.

by the way, mom, since you are reading this and I didn't tell you yet... yes, I did get rear-ended today. don't worry though. the car is fine :)

also, another reason why I love my Salvadorian roommate... she will listen to Spanish music with me in the car!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I love you mommy, i love you mommy, i love you mommy

Today in elementary school science club, I walked up to one of the girls in the club and asked her how she was doing with the experiment. She told me, "I have just one question."

I asked her what it was.

she said. "so guess. guess. guess guess. Time is running ou-out!"

I knew I had heard this phrase somewhere before. but I couldn't figure out where. Then it clicked. Kid History. She was quoting Kid History and it was the cutest thing ever.

made my day.


I have been up since 5:30 this morning. which was definitely not in the plans. seeing as how I went to bed at 12 and I really don't function well on 5 hours of sleep. whatever. It actually turned out quite nice though... I was able to read my scriptures in the morning and not have to eat breakfast while I was running out the door.

In other news... I am just living for the weekend right now. I am tired of being stressed with all these homework assignments and I am super excited for the fun that will happen this weekend (and the sleep that I will hopefully catch up on.)

Friday night = Harry Potter party. I already know what I am wearing. plus camping in the living room again possibly? :)

Saturday day = going to Tucano's for the first time :)
Saturday night = Halloween party. my costume is also (HOPEFULLY) going to be amazing.

oh, and yeah I have all this homework but it's clearly not important or stressing me out enough because I am just sitting here blogging.

Have a fantastic Wednesday everyone :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

part of my monday :)

my monday was fantastic and full of adventures.

got to hang out with my sister all morning. and miss all my classes.
she's fine (don't worry.)

my mom sent me a cute Halloween package. I love when she does that :)

I am now trying to do homework, but I am so tired.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

on a roll

I have been on a role with my blogging lately! maybe it's just that I don't want to do my homework. (I really don't want to right now.) or that I actually have fun things to blog about.

I am so excited for Halloween :)my pumpkin.
Halloween doughnuts!

this FHE group made newspaper costumes. I love the idea.

We went to go see Harry Potter 7 part 2 in the dollar theatre. I stayed awake the whole time and it was so good. I may have cried a little though. but it was amazing. and made me depressed all over again that Harry Potter was over :(

p.s. speaking of Halloween, my costume is going to be awesome. I just need to find everything I need!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

there's this pretty cool person.

Her name is Katie. and we have been partying it up lately. and I have been having a lot of fun.

Tonight, we watched Harry Potter 7 part 1 in prep for seeing part 2 in the dollar theatre tomorrow.
We are planning an apple party on Saturday.
We are crazy.
She is awesome.

Katie... plus a whole bunch of other people that I don't see much/never see anymore :(

the only homework I did today was a super easy online midterm. and it took me three times as long as I should have. whoops.

I ate way toooo much junk again today. double whoops.

but I exercised for the first time in like two weeks. double yay!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I love life.

I am so truly happy. This is why:

-being grateful for all my blessings
-reminding myself that grades don't define who I am
-feeling my Heavenly Father's love
-having wonderful friends that build me up and bring me joy
-my family
-learning and growing every day

Seriously, I know every other blog post is like this, but it is so great. Sometimes, it's important to just take a break, have some good girl talk, go to a Relief Society activity, and listen to some good music.

I also really miss Aspen Grove. especially working with five year olds all summer. they are just so cool. and hanging out with the trailer girls. and also everyone else up there too. and the beautiful mountains. and swimming in the morning. and not having to do homework. I always want to do other things during the summer, but then I remember how wonderful it is and I just want to go back!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Columbus Day Fun!

eason #95849 why I love my ward... the Columbus day boat sailing tradition. It's great fun and a good way to destress... or procrastinate on your homework.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


If you didn't already know, I have lost my cellphone. I have literally scoured my apartment from top to bottom with no luck. I went everywhere I was last night. I have pulled open every drawer, looked in every aspect of the couch, and other fun places.

I am frustrated. Where could it be?

Thursday, October 13, 2011


I bet my roommate five dollars that I could drink a tablespoon of evaporated milk. I earned five dollars last night.

and gagged because it was so disgusting. Don't drink evaporated milk straight.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


what I did tonight.

Today was quite a stressful day. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, did. I was feeling so stressed and I could not stop thinking about everything I had to do. Luckily, I got to go to ward temple night. It was just what I needed.

plus also, my roommate gave me her cupcake from Cocoa Bean cuz she knew I was having a bad day. so sweet. and my other roommate helped me with my prep for the science club because I had no time. I am truly so blessed.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

picture overload

The best part about not blogging in months is that I have a lot to say. and a lot of pictures! Junior year has been awesome so far. I've taught chemistry (just tiny 5 minute lessons), gone on a lot of fun trips, and been crazy busy! I love life so much.

my awesome friend at school in Hawaii sent me these
goodies from the islands :) She is so sweet!
watching the Homecoming parade on my birthday. great fun :)

my friend Annette's wedding reception.
It was gorgeous and I can't believe she is married!

birthday presents from my mom :) so cute!
I kind of ran off to California and went to Disneyland
for fun Halloween times and seeing my best friend! It was so great :)

I got too excited because Rapunzel was in the parade.

I love these girls so much. I should just
transfer to Cal Lu.

best friend. we just ate pineapple whips.

Annette's bridal shower. For every bow on her,
she had to get a kiss from her fiance.

birthday flowers from my sweet mom and dad.

Fall is finally coming!

combined birthday party with my roomie :) she's great!

we now have a pet hamster. named Dimitri.

that's about it :) life is great! I will blog again soon... maybe.