Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm an expert.

I have just finished the rough draft of my fourth essay due this week. I feel like I don't even know how to write a persuasive essay anymore.

That aside, I now am quite knowledgeable in the following subject areas:

-the social development of adolescents

-the portrayal of Native Americans in the media

-chemistry education theory

-Emerson's views on how to read well and how they would apply today

pretty much my goal in all my essays.

P.S. read this. it's one of my favorite scientific papers. and the kid's name is Jeremy. coincidence or not? you decide. Though I sure hope my papers are more factual than this :)

However, no matter how hard this week has been and how much I have to do before finals, I am so grateful for the overwhelming love of my Savior that has seriously given me so much strength.

Monday, March 26, 2012

why study chemistry?

“Chemistry is the science of the behavior of aggregates of atoms and molecules and as such underlies all the material sciences. Studying it, we conclude that chemical laws follow from wave mechanics and the coulomb law of attraction between electrons and positively charged nuclei. Learning this and implementing it is science. The existence of such amazing unity and simplicity of design brings a sense of awe inspired only by an artistic masterpiece. With this comes once again an acute awareness of the Master Designer.”

– Dr. Henry Eyring , “The Faith of a Scientist”

Thursday, March 22, 2012

can the semester just end already?

I have abandoned all hopes of a social life in order to make it through the rest of this semester. just get me out of here and to sunny Vegas or California. (though the weather here is gorgeous. and I love it.)

my days are spent going to bed around ten, going to work, and then going to class and doing homework. rinse. repeat.

It's been pretty crazy. I feel so lame. not to mention Tuesdays and Thursdays wipe me out... work from 8-12 and then class from 1-5:30. Is that even legal? I am trying not to get stressed but its kinda hard not too.

Another thing that doesn't help is that towards the end of the school year, I start to get so sick of Provo. I hate seeing all the couples. I start wanting to hang out with new people because I am tired of having the same friends for eight months. I want to go home and not have to worry about classes or buying my own groceries. I guess that's just part of the college lifestyle.

Also, I got the job at Aspen Grove. looks like another summer of fun and lots of work. this year, I will be taking care of seven year olds all summer!

but, enough complaining (for the most part). Really, I still have a lot to be grateful for. Parents supporting me so that I can go to school, even if I hate Provo sometimes. How lovely my roommates and friends are. How I have security and get to stay in the same place. that I am made it into this university. that I have food to eat and that I am able-bodied enough to take care of myself. that I am getting good grades and not just slaving away endlessly to barely pass my classes.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


It's time to just be happy.

stop focusing on all I have to do and everything I don't have.

stop worrying about what direction my life is going and just accept my decisions and live in the moment.

and just be grateful.

it's easier said than done.