Thursday, June 28, 2012


I am not lying when I say that pretty much all of my friends right now are my seven-year-olds that I am with all day. Each week, I grow to love these sweet, innocent spirits and when they leave it makes me strangely sad. Thank goodness I get new ones every week. They teach me so much about the gospel and how to be happy and have fun. and they love unconditionally. I am glad that there is always some cute Cub waving to me at meals, coming up to hug me, and making me feel like the awesomest person in the world

Sunday, June 24, 2012

bucket list update and teaching primary

  things I have done on my bucket list: 
-gone to a fair
-found a new scripture study method, still working on making it a priority
-hiked Cascade Springs
-spending money: I have been spending less than 10% of my paycheck, except I buy one fun thing every paycheck. I would say that is pretty good. 
-laid in the hammock
-party more (this is so/so, sometimes I do, but I don't really have a lot of people that I like to party with yet) 
things I have yet to do/will continue to do: 
go to seven peaks
watch fireworks on fourth of july
go on a date or two
hike Timp
 work hard to make every week awesome for the Cubs and not let 
my own desires ruin their vacation
find new ways to study scriptures and make it a priority
index 3 batches a week
spend 10% or less of what I earn
be more daring
read at least 3 books (one spiritual)
lay out and watch the stars/meteor shower
magnify my calling
start listening to the Harry Potter books
be more friendly and party more
For my calling, I teach the Valiant 10 class in Primary. I love it. Some weeks can be a real challenge because they just try to play all the time. This week was a pretty good lesson. So many of the kids I teach have good testimonies and good answers and good stories. I learn so much from them as I teach. Today, I asked them to share stories about when they had been prompted by the Spirit, and they all had amazing examples. I am so grateful for all they teach me! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

life as of late....

Aspen Grove staff bowling
Sammy's run
eating lunch with my cubs/getting hugs from them :)
trailer reunion with Kelli and Nico 
going to see Brave 
hanging out in the hammock and laughing
wearing shorts
seeing my sister for about 2 whole minutes... made my day
zumba dance workouts
staying up late with my bedding standby, making awkward jokes
being exhausted 24/7
going back on campus and realizing how much I miss it

tomorrow... sleeping in, playing WarioWare/Korra finale with Arianne, laying by the pool, primary meeting, and napping are all happening. hopefully I can fit it all in :) I love days off!

Monday, June 18, 2012

I am so inspired... those amazing Paralympian athletes.

They train hard for hours and hours. They are gorgeous inside and out. They never give up. They can do hard things.

I am so lucky to have known one myself. Just like the girl in the video I linked to, she has never given up. I believe she is the only Paralympic swimmer that is going to college and training at the same time. She is such an inspiration and an example to me. Swimming was a form of therapy for her that helped her to become stronger and develop self-confidence. Something to dedicate herself to that definitely paid off in the end.

Good luck in the Paralympics, Cortney Jordan! You are the most amazing friend ever!

(here's some footage from her at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing. watch it.)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

little blessings

Dear sweet little 8 year old girl who I just met today,

thank you so much for giving me the flowers just because. It was just what I needed to cheer me up after a day where I was pretty emotional about everything and was in a sad mood.

You made my day.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

highlights of the day

playing body body for the first time this summer (+ Ben's creepy sound effects) = awesome
early morning swim
biscuits and gravy for breakfast :)
my seven-year-olds thinking I am the coolest person ever for no reason
 feeling exhausted in the best way possible 

P.S. here's a picture of two of the kids in my age group this week.... so cute. He was especially concerned about the girl all day today. and it just made me crack up

Sunday, June 10, 2012

two small reminders

I'm so grateful for a loving Savior. and for unlikely answers to prayers.

I was feeling lonely. and like I wasn't doing well enough spiritually.

on the way home from my grandma's, I saw the temple. and I thought that I need to make an effort to go more often, even though I am stuck in the mountains. needed that reminder.

then when I got back to my cabin, my roommates had just finished saying roommate prayer. my one roommate said nonchalantly, "oh, you made it home safely! we just prayed that you would!" It was nothing big but it definitely was a good reminder that I have people praying for me. and it felt good.

I am so grateful for this life and all its crazy ups and downs! I love the peace the gospel brings!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

some random things that have occupied my life as of late...

this girl in my group looks exactly like Susan from the Narnia movies. It is driving me crazy!

I accidentally threw away my silverware at dinner. I felt stupid.

One of my bosses told me that I looked nice in my swimsuit... weirdest thing ever.

everyone's falling in love and starting to date up here. it's making me sick.


I need to be more social. 

earning money just makes me want to spend it all. but I refrain.

my new scripture study plan is fantastic. I am getting so much out of it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

it's starting to feel a lot like summer

lounging out by the pool
a trip to the library for lots of good books to read
seeing old and new friends during random trips to Provo
laughing so hard at Cocoa Bean and scaring everyone
sing-along parties in the car
dollar theatre movies
swinging outside until you feel sick
playing games for hours
rolling down the hill and running around like children

when you are working all summer, sometimes it just feels very unsummerish. (though it's wonderful to have a full time job) so when I have chances like this to play and have fun, it's wonderful.  I'm really loving the summer staff so far. For the most part, they are just so nice and genuine and friendly and although it's a slow process making new friends, I am loving everyone up here!

Friday, June 1, 2012


I decided to be all nice and clean our staff bathroom today... 

and now I am going to have seven years of bad luck!